Amy's Whole Food Creations is committed to providing you healthy, nutritional, high-energy meals. My philosophy is based on using only the best, freshest and seasonal/local ingredients available. Minimal processing is involved to insure the highest nutritional values. Bold flavors and spices are used to transform your palate and mind. Clean food and eating is necessary to fuel and nourish your body and soul. Each eating experience is a gratifying and satisfying surprise.

Services Include

  • Customized menu planning and Catering
  • Personal chef service
  • Private dinner parties
  • Romantic dinner packages
  • Tailored family meals
  • Daily and/or weekly meal delivery
  • Instructional cooking classes/demos
  • Nutritional consulting and menu planning
  • Grocery shopping and pantry stocking
  • Special dietary requirements
  • Athlete meal programs
  • Gift certificates

Call office: (208)634-2360 or mobile: (707)479-6396 or use the form below to find out more!

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